How do I schedule a wedding cake tasting?
We feel that trying our cake is the best (and most fun) place to start. Our tastings can be booked six days a week. Just email us at 
stcatery@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours. We recommend morning and afternoon tastings to ensure optimal freshness, but can accommodate during any hour we are open for business.

Can my fiancé/mother/maid-of-honor/neighbor come with me to taste?
We will provide a plate of two mini cupCakes per flavor offered for your tasting pleasure. You are welcome to bring anyone with you that you'd like; however, it will not change the quantity provided.

I live out of town, how can I go about tasting your sweets?
If you cannot make it to a tasting, we offer a shippable tasting kit of 5 push pops that encompasses all of our available flavors for a flat fee of $30 (includes shipping). Please email stcatery@gmail.com for more information.

I loved my tasting! What can I do to secure my date?
We're so glad you've decided to let us help make your day extra delicious! Please send us a request for contract with your selections to stcatery@gmail.com and we will respond with a contract within 72 hours. You will have 7 days to sign it and to pay your deposit. Please note that until we've received a signed contract with deposit, your date cannot be guaranteed.


What wedding services does Sweet Talk cupCatery offer?
STc offers an array of tasty, beautiful options and helpful services to make your special day perfect. Among the edible are: multiple and single tiered cakes, mini and regular-sized cupcakes, French macaróns, cookies, candy, dessert bars, and more! Other services include stand rentals, takeway favor organization, and custom welcome gift boxes for your guests.

How far in advance do customers typically book your services?
Our weekends, especially in busy wedding months, book up quickly. For wedding dates in the months of May, June, September, and October, we recommend booking between 12-18 months in advance. For all other times of the year, 6-12 months should suffice.

Do you accept last minute orders?
Absolutely! We understand that brides are busy and sometimes delays happen that are out of their control. Just email stcatery@gmail.com with your request and we’ll do our best to try to squeeze you in.

Does Sweet Talk cupCatery rent cake stands?
We do! We rent cake and cupCake stands for $75 each. Please note that our stands rent on a first-come, first-serve basis, and many are unique. We require that all stands be returned to our shop within 48 hours or you will be charged an additional fee.

May I provide my own stand?
If you wish to provide your own stand, the diameter of the flat part of the stand should be at least 2 inches wider than the base of the cake. For example, a 10" cake requires a 12" stand. If an exception needs to be made, please provide photos in advance for approval. We want to make sure your beautiful cake stays in place, and that the stand you've provided can hold the weight. Please note that many ceramic and glass stands cannot bear the weight of tiered cakes.

What types of additional styling options do I have for a dessert bar setup?
We are happy to work with all kinds of styling requests! Take a peek at some of our past work, on our gallery page here. The styling cost depends upon the items and labor required in setting up. We welcome any Pinterest boards, pictures, and ideas for inspiration! Please send them to stcatery@gmail.com for approval and pricing. Minimum cost for basic styling begins at $100.
Can you supply a dessert bar attendant for my event?
Yes, we can and suggest it for any event with guests numbering more than 50 or so. A candy attendant keeps everything running smoothly, including restocking candy and keeping the table neat and tidy. Candy attendants can be booked for an additional $25 per hour of your event. If you have less than 50 guests or so, you can always assign a person to watch over the display like you would a guest book attendant or ask your wedding coordinator or venue coordinator to look after the display for you.

Will Sweet Talk cupCatery apply ribbons, lace, flowers or cake toppers to my cake/cupCakes?
We are happy to work with all of these! Please just notify us in advance what we are to add and how you'd like it to look by providing a drawing or picture to be included in your contract. In all cases, we will make these additions on-site, so please leave any ribbons, lace, toppers, or cleaned and cut flowers on the cake table ready and waiting for our arrival! The cost for applying lace, ribbon or flowers to a cake is $25. Flowers or other foliage should be furnished to us upon arrival at the delivery site clean, cut, and ready to go. Same goes for cake or cupcake toppers--just leave them on the cake table ready for us and we'll add them at no additional charge. 

Is there anything that Sweet Talk cupCatery doesn’t do?
We prefer saying “yes” to requests; however, STc does not generally order table linens, specialty cupcake liners, or cake/cupcake toppers. If you would like us to assist in procuring these items and in the styling of your table, we are happy to discuss the options and associated fees. If you will be providing decorative items for us to apply to our baked goods at the wedding venue, we'll need at least 45 days advance notice with an accompanying visual guide. Depending on the complexity of the setup requested, there may be additional setup fees assessed.


Where do I find more information about dessert tables?
Package options for dessert tables is available here. Pricing begins at $200.

I don't have much of a budget, but I want a dessert table. Any suggestions?
We would suggest that you order items à-la-carte for pickup from STc! Keep in mind that it regularly takes us several hours to plan the setup of the table, and another 1-2 hours to set everything up, and we do it nearly every weekend! It's important not to underestimate how much advance planning and time this will take on your wedding day, so hopefully you will have a trusted friend or family member who can carry out your vision. Generally, you'll want symmetry for your table, so you'll likely need several stands for each individual item going on the table.

How big of a table do I need?
Bountiful tables with tiered displays have a much bigger impact than sparsely laid tables. We recommend a 4-5 foot table for the bronze and silver packages, and a 6-8 foot table for gold & platinum. Sizing depends on how many individual trays/stands are on the table, and whether or not you have added a centerpiece cake.

Do you provide table linens?
We do not provide table linens. However, with enough advance notice, we can coordinate service for you with a convenience fee of $100 added to the cost of the linen rental.


From which flavors of cake may I choose?
We make wedding cakes in the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, carrot, pistachio, spice, almond, and marble. We also welcome couples’ suggestions for custom cake flavors, though they are subject to approval and additional costs as we must recipe test any custom requests.

May I order more than one flavor for my cake?
You sure can! We are happy to vary the cake flavors, interior frosting flavors, and fillings for each tier of your tiered cake. This option comes at an additional cost of $25 per flavor selection.

I love the Ombré trend. Can Sweet Talk cupCatery recreate this with my frosting?
You bet! For $25 per color, we can create as detailed of a fade as you have in mind; however, just as with our standard tinting, we use only vanilla buttercream and always recommend pastel colors over royal shades for best results.

Do my cake or cupCakes need to be refrigerated?
99.9% of the time the answer is no. However, in extreme heat/humidity, and in cases of temperature sensitive fillings, there could be a scenario in which you need room in the fridge. In our experience, most venues do not have the refrigeration capacity to store your cake, so this should be sorted out prior to delivery.

Can you put my initials on cupCakes?
We can customize cupCakes any way that you like! Please note there will be a minimum cost of $1 per cupcake, and final pricing will depend on customization request.


What does Sweet Talk cupCatery charge for delivery and setup?
We deliver within 300 miles of our location. Please find our delivery and setup charges explained below.

DELIVERY ONLY of one single-tier cake or cupCakes:
Delivery/Dropoff ONLY within 10 miles (no setup) $25
Venues outside Arlington: $75

DELIVERY & SETUP of cupCakes, multiple cakes and/or tiered cakes:
Delivery & Setup (within 10 miles) $80
Venues outside Arlington: $150

What services are included with delivery and setup?
Our “delivery only” service includes a member of the STc team delivering your items to your requested location within your requested delivery window. This does not include our team setting up any items. Our delivery and setup services include a member of the STc team delivering your items to your requested destination and setting up all items on the stands, plates, platters, etc. provided by STc or another party. This does not include our team picking up any items, and we require all display items rented from STc to be returned within 48 hours or you will be charged an additional fee. 

What happens the day of my event?
Sweet Talk cupCatery will confirm the delivery/pick-up time the Monday before your event. If we are delivering, it is important to remember that the table, with linens (when applicable), must be at the site and ready to go when we arrive. Any flowers, toppers, or other items STc has agreed to apply must also be at the site in time for our arrival with an accompanying visual guide.


I loved my tasting! What can I do to secure my date?
We're so glad you've decided to let us help make your day extra delicious! Please send us a request for contract with your selections. We will respond with a contract within 72 hours, and you will have 7 days to sign it and to pay your deposit. Please note that until we've received a signed contract with deposit, your date cannot be guaranteed.

I want to secure my date, but I don't have all of the details of what I want to order. What should I do?
We offer a “save the date” contract which allows you to pay a $250 deposit to secure our services. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. All items, including flavors, design, quantity, delivery requests, locations, etc., must be determined at least 45 days prior to your wedding. Please understand that everything is handmade from scratch in our shop, so we have a limited amount of space and resources dedicated to wedding creations. If you are going to be requesting something other than cupCakes or a simple cake, you'll want to finalize your order as soon as possible. All changes/additions made up to 45 days in advance are subject to our availability and approval. The “save the date” deposit will be applied toward the balance due on the total contract. If the final contract amount totals less than $200, STc will issue a gift certificate for the difference, which may be used at any time. Please request a "save the date" contract here.

When will I need to have all of the details of my contract finalized?
All details must be confirmed 45 days prior to your event, when your final payment is due. You will receive a document requesting any missing information (flavors, delivery times, etc.) 60 days prior. You will have two weeks to fill in any blanks, to review your final contract for accuracy, to sign off on it, and to provide final payment.

I've already signed a contract when I paid my initial deposit, why do you need me to sign it again 45 days before the event?
Contracts are often signed well in advance of wedding dates and we want to take extra care to confirm there have been no changes to your preferences since your initial signing. This service is provided to offer you an opportunity to ensure that your expectations will be fully met when you see your dessert table. We promise the 5 minutes you'll spend will be well worth the extra organization!


Will I pay a deposit when signing the contract?
Yes. STc requires a 50% deposit upon signing, with the remaining balance due 45 days prior to your event. If you are booking our services fewer than 45 days in advance, then the entire balance will be due upon signing.

When is my final payment due?
Your final payment is due 45 days prior to the event. This is also the time when any changes in your contract must be finalized. Your final contract will be sent to you 60 days in advance and will expire in 15 days if not paid.

What if I miss the 45 day payment date and my contract expires?
We will charge an administrative contract reinstatement fee of $100 once your contract has expired. Please note any contracts not paid in full within 30 days of the event are subject to cancellation without reinstatement as an option.

How do I pay?
Conveniently, all of our payments are handled online. When both your deposit and final payment are due, you will receive an email through a system called, DocuSign asking you to review details, initial, sign, and input payment information via Paypal Invoice. Additionally, we will need to resend your DocuSign contract so that you can sign it. We accept only digital contracts at this time.